Visit NYC

New York City has something for everyone and there is always something to do in the City that Never Sleeps!

For top eats, drinks and activities we thought these lists might be helpful.

We also asked New York Outrigger members for some of their New York City Favourites.

  • Lombardi’s Pizza – This claims to be America’s first pizzeria, and has been a NYC favorite for decades.
  • Eataly – A giant gourmet grocery store with a bunch of restaurants inside (and on the roof) this place is a gourmand’s fantasy.  New Yorkers are obsessed with it, and it is very popular.
  • Magnolia Cupcakes – A tiny cupcake place in the West Village that is now turning into a mini-chain all over the city, these are the NYC dessert of choice.
  • Katz Deli – A NYC mainstay.
  • Little Branch – This speakeasy is hidden behind an unmarked door in the West Village, but you will know you are in the right place because there will likely be a line outside.
  • Raines Law Room – This speakeasy is small, beautifully decorated, and perfect for a cocktail or two. You can make reservations Sun-Tues and avoid any wait.
  • PDT – A speakeasy hidden behind a phone booth in a hot dog place, and you have to make reservations the day you want to go by phone.
  • Death & Company – Another great cocktail bar with a cool atmosphere on the Lower East Side.
  • Houston Hall – A big, indoor beer hall in the West Village, this place is a fun favorite.
  • Flatiron Hall – Another big beer hall with a cool atmosphere and a good food menu.
  • The Ear Inn – Arguably the oldest bar in Manhattan, this is a registered historic site.
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