2013 Race Results

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Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge

New York Outrigger hosted the 2013 Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge on Saturday, June 22. One of the largest sporting events in New York Harbor and one of the premier outrigger canoe races in the world the day long competition hosts hundreds of paddlers and represents the best of the Aloha spirit.

New York Outrigger would like to congratulate all the teams who participated in this year’s event.


Liberty 2013 Champions

Womens Open Champions: Niumalu Canoe Club from Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii. USA
Womens Masters Champions: Wai Nui O’Kanaka from Oakville, Ontario. CAN
Womens Senior Masters Champions: Australia Combined from Queensland. AUS

Mens Open Champions: Team Kamanu from Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. USA
Mens Masters Champions: Outrigger Team California from Orange County, California. USA
Mens Senior Masters Champions: Philadelphia Dragonboat Association from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. USA

Mixed Champions: PDBA Team Independence from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, NY. USA

Women’s Race

Boat # Team Name Country Origin Time Class Position Overall
 M6 Niumalu Canoe Club
Fake It Til You Make It
USA Kauai, HI 2.16.26 Open gold1  1
 W1 Washington CC
WCC Women
USA Washington, DC 2.21.02 Open silver2  2
 E2 Dana Outrigger
Liberty Ladies 2
USA Dana Point, CA 2.22.261 Open bronze3  3
 W2 Australia Combined
Team Auss13
Australia Queensland, AUS 2.22.266 Sr Masters gold1  3
 K5 Wai Nui O’Kanaka
Wai Nui Ladies
Canada Oakville, OT. CAN 2.23.23 Masters gold1  5
 N2 Marina del Rey OCC
Team G’ma
United States Marina del Rey, CA 2.25.32 Open  4  6
 E1 Dana Outrigger
Lady Liberty 1
USA Dana Point, CA 2.26.092 Open  5  7
 K3 Keauhou Canoe Club
Hawaii Island Na Wahine
USA Keauhou, Hawaii, HI 2.28.12 Sr Masters silver2  8
 K1 Island Masters
Island Masters
USA Maui, HI 2.32.55 Sr
bronze3  9
N6 Big Island
Hang Loose
USA Kailua Kona, HI 2.33.30 Open  6  10
K4 Lanikai Canoe Club
Na Wahine O Kailua
USA Kailua, Oahu 2.39.58 Masters  silver2  11
N5 Kana Lui Miami
Team ai Pili Pono
USA Miami, FL 2.42.37 Open  7  12
AA4 Panama Outrigger Club
Team Balboa
Panama Panama City, PAN 2.42.583 Open  8  13
A1 Philadelphia OCC
POCC Women
USA Philadelphia, PA 2.43.483 Masters bronze3  14
AA3 Waikiki Beach Boys
Waikiki Beach Babes
USA Honolulu, HI 2.45.04 Open  9  15
RR1 Nyack Outrigger
Hudson Valley Womens A Team
USA Nyack, NY 2.51.454 Open  10  16

1Time adjusted due to confusion at start causing crew to start 2-minutes behind.
2Time adjusted 10 seconds due to crossing boat traffic.
3Time adjusted due to confusion at start causing crew to start 90-seconds behind.
4Time adjusted 20 seconds due to crossing boat traffic.
6Time adjusted 6 seconds on appeal.

Men’s Race

Boat # Team Name Country Origin Time Class Position Overall
 N6 Team Kamanu
Team Kamanu
USA Kailua, Oahu 1.52.47  Open gold1  1
 N5 Outrigger Team California
United States Orange County, CA 1.58.11 Masters gold1  2
 M6 Manu’iwa OCC
Manu’iwa Masters
United States Milford, CT 1.59.56 Masters silver2  3
 BB1 Philadelphia Dragonboat
PDBA Masters Men
USA Philadelphia, PA 2.12.15 Masters bronze3  4
 W1 Washington CC
WCC Men Masters
USA Washington, DC 2.14.18 Masters  4  5
 W2 Washington CC
USA Washington, DC 2.23.19 Open silver2  6
 N5 Panama Outrigger Club
Team ULU
Panama Panama City, PAN 2.24.58 Open bronze3  7
 M4 Manu’iwa OCC
USA Milford, CT 2.25.39 Open  4  8
 AA4 Panama Outrigger Club
Panama Cayuco Culture
Panama Panama City, PAN 2.26.02 Open  5  9
 AA3 Boston Outrigger
USA Boston, MA 2.29.50 Open  6  10
 K3 Kana Lui Miami
Team Wai Pili Pono
United States Miami, FL 2.31.26 Open  7  11
 A1 Philadelphia Dragonboat
PDBA Masters Boat 2
CAN Philadelphia, PA 2.33.23 Sr Masters gold1  12
 A2 New York Outrigger
USA New York, NY 2.34.38 Open  8  13
 K1 Aikane Pride Hawaii
Aikane Pride Men
USA Honolulu, HI 2.35.31 Masters 5  14
 K5 Wai Nui O’Kanaka
Wai Nui Men
CAN Oakville, OT . CAN 3.10.54 Sr
silver2  15
RR1 Panama Outrigger Club
507 Racing Team
Panama Panama City, PAN 3.14.56 Open  9  16


Mixed Race

Boat # Team Name Country Origin Time Class Position Overall
Team Independence
USA Philadelphia, PA 1.52.16 Open gold1  1
 M6 Namolokama O Hanalei
USA Hanaleu, Kauai, HI 1.54.59 Open silver2  2
 K4 Niumalu Canoe Club
Rockin’ da 808
USA Lihue, Kauai, HI 1.56.55 Open bronze3  3
 N5 Kamamalahoe/Hui Nalu
Kamamalahoe/Hui Nalu
USA Honolulu, HI 1.57.295 Open 4  4
 N2 UK Combined
UK Riggers
Great Britain England, GBR 2.01.23 Open 5  5
 K1 Pacific Reach
Pacific Reach Mixed
Canada Vancouver, BC. CAN 2.04.19 Open 6  6
 E1 NCA Outrigger
USA Washington, DC 2.05.52 Open 7  7
 W1 Washington CC
WCC Mixed
USA Washington, DC 2.10.29 Open 8  8
 K5 Royal Outrigger Club
Great Britain Surrey. GBR 2.10.45 Open 9  9
 E2 Jet Stream
Jet Stream
Canada Toronto, OT. CAN 2.13.26 Open 10  10
 AA3 Alo O Samoa
Alo Mixed
American Samoa Pago Pago, ASA 2.17.33 Open 11  11
OCUK Mixed
Great Britain England, GBR 2.19.14 Open 12  12
 N6 Hawaiian Airlines
Team Kokua
United States Honolulu, HI 2.20.49 Open 13  13
 W2 Kana Lui Miami
Kana Lui
United States Miami, FL 2.23.30 Open 14  14
 A1 Kaiopua/Kawaihae/
Waikoloa Canoe Clubs
United States Hawaii, HI 2.25.56 Open 15  15
 K3 Royal Outrigger Club
Great Britain Surrey, GBR 2.38.51 Open 16  16
 M4 Manu’iwa OCC
United States Milford, CT 2.47.00 Open 17  17

Time adjusted 3 minutes due to diversion around pier obstruction at Ellis Island.

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