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I Just Love to Paddle

Silver Lei Award

New York Outrigger and Patagonia are proud to present I Just Love to Paddle,  a film event in conjunction with the Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge. We are honored to have Filmmaker Marta Czajkowska in New York to present her short documentary film, a winner of the Silver Lei Award at the Honolulu Film Awards. Please join us at the Patagonia Soho Store on Thursday, June 21 at 7:00PM. The film will be followed by a questions and answer session with the filmmaker.

There are few paddlers in the world that can match experience and knowledge of Nappy Napoleon. If there were degrees in paddling, he has the highest doctorate.

In a time when our pop icons exhibit ambitious self-promotion, glitz and sex appeal, Uncle Nappy – as he is affectionately known – is a humble hero. Humorously self-effacing, he radiates an inner calm, patience, and infectious confidence. He possesses an extraordinary bond with  Nature and a magical relationship with the ocean.

I Just Love to Paddle is the story of a man who lives, loves, practices, teaches and perpetuates an ancient tradition in the contemporary world. There are many stories of heroes long gone, but this is a story about somebody who is with us serving as a source of vast knowledge and a connection to the ancient Hawaiian traditions. Nappy provides a modern day example of an ancient Hawaiian paradigm: superb ocean judgment, wisdom about the hearts of others, total commitment to his life calling, and an unparalleled decency of character.

The story focuses on an expedition in July 2008, when Napoleon (67 years old) with five paddling companions attempt to cross 9 Hawaiian channels in 6 consecutive days, each in a one-man outrigger canoe, a total of almost 240 miles.

I JUST LOVE TO PADDLE – TRAILER from Marta Czajkowska on Vimeo.

JOSEPH “NAPPY” NAPOLEON was born in Honoluluon May 9th, 1941. He began paddling at age 8.  At age 17 he did his first Moloka’i-Oahu crossing in the 1958 race as a stroker for the winning Waikiki Surf Club crew. Nappy holds the unequaled record of 52 consecutive Molokai races and is still a very competitive participant in both one man and six man outrigger canoe races. Regarded in the worldwide paddling community as one of the greatest steersmen of all time, Nappy continues to communicate his love for the sport with clinics both in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific. He is the founder of Anuenue Canoe Club and a member of the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame.

MARTA CZAJKOWSKA was born in Warsaw, Poland. She graduated with Masters in Fine Arts from Universidad de Cuenca, Spain. She currently works as a freelance photographer, video producer/editor, muralist, web designer and climbing guide. She made I Just Love to Paddlebecause she got inspired by how Uncle Nappy lives life and paddles through it. His philosophy taught Marta how to live her life with more cheerfulness and contentment. This video is Marta’s way of passing on to others the subtle lessons she has learned in Uncle Nappy’s presence.

GEORGE F. QUIRIN has had an extensive music career on the stage and in the recording studio playing Classical, Flamenco, Brazilian, Jazz, Blues, Rock and practically any other style of music imaginable. He likes to mix them together in a unique way. George lives with his wife and daughter in Santa Barbara, California where he teaches, writes, records, produces and performs for many special events. George recently performed at the wedding ceremony and reception of one of the Princesses of Monaco.  Like Uncle Nappy, George loves the ocean and is an avid surfer.

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