2012 Race Results

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Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge

New York Outrigger hosted the 2012 Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge on Saturday, June 23. One of the largest sporting events in New York Harbor and one of the premier outrigger canoe races in the world. The day long competition hosts hundreds of international paddlers and represents the best of the Aloha spirit.

New York Outrigger would like to congratulate all the teams who participated in this year’s event.


Liberty 2012 Champions

Womens Open Champions: Hui Lanakila from Hawaii. USA
Womens Senior Masters Champions: Puuwai Outrigger from Wailea, Kauai, Hawaii. USA
Mens Masters Champions: Marina del Rey Outrigger from Marina del Rey, California. USA
Mens Senior Masters Champions: Manu’iwa Outrigger Senior Masters from Milford, Connecticut. USA
Mens Open Champions: Team Primo from the State of Hawaii. USA
Mixed Champions: New York Outrigger from New York, NY. USA

Women’s Race

Boat # Team Name Country Origin Time* Class Position Overall
 M8 Hui Lanakila
USA HI 2.01.23  Open  1  1
 W2 Washington CC
WCC Women
USA Washington, DC 2.11.03 Open  2  2
 N5 New York Outrigger
Team Gramercy
USA New York, NY 2.21.50 Open  3  3
 K3 Te Va’a
Te Va’a Vahine
France Toulon, France 2.22.31 Open  4  4
 A1 Philadelphia Outrigger
USA Philadelphia, PA 2.27.53 Open  5  5
 M4 Pro Paddle Fitness
Veracruz Racing Team
Panama Panama City, Panama 2.28.17 Open  6  6
 AA4 Free Agents
Ho’okahi Hoe
USA New York, NY 2.28.57 Open  7  7
 N2 New York Outrigger
Team Tribecca
USA New York, NY 2.29.47 Open  8  8
 K5 Puuwai Outrigger
Makuahine O Puuwai
USA Wailua, Kauai, HI 2.32.39 Sr
1  9
 K2 Waikiki Yacht Club
WYC Wahine
USA Honolulu, HI . 2.33.43 Open  9  10


Men’s Race

Boat # Team Name Country Origin Time Class Position Overall
 N6* Team Primo
Team Primo
USA State of Hawaii 1.52.10  Open  1  1
 A2 Te Va’a Tahiti
Team Te Va’a A
France Toulon, France 1.55.51 Open  2  2
 K1 Team Brazil
Cavalera Team Brazil
Brazil Sao Paulo, Brazil 1.56.35 Open  3  3
 N3 Marina del Rey OCC
Team Ho’olei
USA Marina del Rey, CA 1.56.51 Masters  1  4
 M6 Manu’iwa OCC
Manu’iwa Sr Masters Men
USA Milford, CT 1.58.12 Sr
 1  5
 AA4 Manu’iwa OCC
Manu’iwa Open 1
USA Milford, CT 2.02.24 Open  4  6
 M8 Lahaina Canoe Club
Imua Hawaii
USA Lahaina, Maui, HI 2.02.40 Masters  2  7
 W2 Washington CC
USA Washington, DC 2.05.35 Open  5  8
 K2** Waikiki Yacht Club
WYC Kane Masters
USA Honolulu, HI 2.10.56 Masters  3  9
 N5** New York Outrigger
Team Meatpacking District
USA New York, NY 2.11.20 Open  6  10
 K3 Te Va’a Tahiti
Team Te Va’a B
France Toulon, France 2.12.20 Open  7  11
 W1 New York Outrigger
Team Soho
CAN New York, NY 2.18.44 Open  8  12
 M4 Manu’iwa OCC
Manu’iwa Open 2
USA Milford, CT 2.19.52 Open  9  13
 AA3 Boston Outrigger
Boston Outrigger
USA Boston, MA 2.25.56 Open  10  14
 K5*** Wai Nui O’Kanaka
Wai Nui Men
CAN Oakville, OT . CAN 2.29.35 Sr
 2  15
 A1*** Philadelphia OCC
USA Philadelphia, PA 2.33.42 Open  11  16

*Time not adjusted for 45-second stop for cruise traffic at Pier 61.
** Time not adjusted for 1-minute stop for cruise traffic at Pier 61.
***Time not adjusted for 30-second stop for ferry traffic at Brooklyn Bridge.

Mixed Race

Boat # Team Name Country Origin Time Class Position Overall
 N5* New York Outrigger
NYO Mixed Nutz
USA New York, NY 1.32.49 Open 1  1
 BB1* Philadelphia Dragonboat
Team Independence
USA Philadelphia, PA 1.32.57 Open 2  2
 W2* Washington CC
WCC Mixed
USA Washington, DC 1.36.11 Open 3  3
 K5* Free Agents
Team H2O Ninjas
USACanada HI, NY, CAN 1.41.02 Open 4  4
 M6* Manu’iwa OCC
United States
USA/AUS 1.41.18 Open 5  5
 N6* Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines
USA Hawaii, USA 1.41.29 Open 6  6
 W1** Kana Lui Miami
Team Wai Pili Pono
USA Miami, FL 1.48.05 Open 7  7
 K3** Na Leo O’ Ke Kai
Team Na Leo
USA Tempe, AZ 1.49.43 Open 8  8
 AA4** Na Hoe Va’a Int’l
Na Hoe Va’a Int’l
HI,TX,FRA 1.49.52 Open 9  9
 AA3*** Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale
USA Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2.02.45 Open 10  10
 K1*** Team Arizona
USA Tempe, AZ 2.10.38 Open 11  11

* Time not adjusted for 7-minute stop for barge traffic in New York Harbor.
** Time not adjusted for previous * plus 1-minute stop for boat traffic.
*** Time not adjusted for previous ** plus 6-minute stop for barge traffic in Hudson River.

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