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New York Outrigger is excited to announce live tracking of race crews competing in the 2014 Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge. Friends, family and interested spectators from around the globe will be able to follow the competition live on the Liberty website and through their mobile phones.

New York Outrigger is working with TracTrac, a Danish company with years of experience in live tacking, to provide GPS coverage of racers in the Men’s, Women’s and Mixed heats of the Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge. Online spectators will be able to follow their favorite crews in real-time as they take on the challenging waters of New York Harbor. Live tracking coverage will be available on race day on the Liberty website and through the TracTrac mobile app, available iTunes and Google Play.

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About TracTrac

TracTrac makes hard-to-follow sports come alive with live tracking to the excitement of fans, media and sponsors. With 10 years of experience from sporting events of all kinds all around the globe TracTrac has earned a position as the leading provider of live tracking.

TracTrac builds on the philosophy of making hard things easy. Hard to follow and hard to understand sports should be engaging and easily accessible to the users. The technology at the core of the system is advanced and complex, but we strive to make the use of it easy, accessible and intuitive.

No one else has tracked as large events, covered as many countries or stored as much data as TracTrac and we are proud to have earned the praise of users, event organizers, participants, sponsors and media from all over the world for consistently providing high quality live tracking – unveiling the decisive moments and bringing the action to you.

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