Spotlight: Panama Outrigger Club

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Panama City . PAN
Team Name:
Team Balboa, 507 Racing Team, Team ULU, Cayuco Culture Panama, 507 Speed Bate 
Competing in:
Women’s and Men’s Open Divisions
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Panama Outrigger Club’s mission is to promote the sport of Outrigger Canoe paddling in the Isthmus of Panama through education, training, team building, and by organizing competitions in the open waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. We strive to provide our athletes with the opportunity to participate in national and International competitions and reach their full potential as paddlers.

Our vision is to become leaders and role models in the community and to participate and achieve our goals with purpose for the greater good of the sport and society.

Panama Outrigger Club is founded by Panamanian Cayuco paddlers that are passionate about paddling and wish to further our understanding, share our knowledge of the sport and train together. POC is for everyone who believes in our vision. Our purpose is to work together to elevate the competitiveness and take this opportunity to develop outrigger canoe paddling in Panama and surrounding areas. We are interested in driven athletes and those who can contribute to the mission. There are a number of ways to get involved: as a member, supporting member or sponsor.

Team Balboa is composed of women who enjoy paddling on Gamboa Lake, otherwise known as Crocodile Island. The team is also known to do some CrossFit, indoor rowing and swimming. Teammates include Silvia Rodriguez, who used to be on the Panama gynmastic team; Luciley Diaz, a profressional flag football player who won first place in the Ocean to Ocean Cayuco Race in the open coed category in 2012. Ana Rebeca Almanza, Carolina Botero, Vanessa Ferreira and Sara Rivera have won second place in the Ocean to Ocean race, setting new record in the youth female category as well.

Team Balboa Women’s Open Crew:
Luciley Diaz, Ana Almanza, Carolina Boteros, Silvia Rodriguez, Vanessa Ferreira, Sara Rivera

507 Racing Team Men’s Open Crew:
Armando Gundin, Rodrigo Celis, Hiram Cerezo, Luis Enrique Castillo, Oliver Dawkins, Alejandro Domingo

ULU Men’s Open Crew:
Nick Youngleson, Kevin Broussard, Edwin J. Arosemena, Jaime R. Guerra, Nicholas Sandoval, Ivan Jimenez

Panama Cayuco Culture Men’s Open Crew:
Manuel Arrocha, Chris Huerbsch, Adolfo Herrera, Rodwell Chang, Jason Tovar, Peter Pusztai

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