Tahiti Tourisme Supports the 2014 Liberty Challenge

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New York Outrigger is proud to announce Tahiti Tourisme as an Iliahi Sponsor for the 2014 Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge.

Tahiti Tourisme will be supplying bags for the athlete gift bag.

About Tahiti Tourisme
Privacy. The ultimate luxury.

Tahiti – Moorea – Bora Bora – island names that evoke a wonderful state of mind, seducing honeymooners, romantics, adventurers, and vacationers looking for escape. Tahiti’s varied landscape ranges from just-above sea level coral atolls to volcanic mountain peaks. Tahiti is renowned for warm waters, white-sand beaches and stunning turquoise lagoons.

Tahiti covers over two million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean and is comprised of 118 islands spread over five great archipelagos. Many islands are crowned with jagged peaks while others appear to barely float above the breaking waves. Spread over an area as large as Western Europe, the total landmass of all the islands adds up to an area only slightly larger than the tiny state of Rhode Island.

Easier to travel than often imagined, Tahiti is just 8 hours by air from Los Angeles with daily nonstop flights. Tahitiis halfway between California and Australia, on the same side of the International Date Line as North America and in the same time zone as Hawaii.

Find the Islands of Tahiti on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TahitiTourismeNorthAmerica, Twitter @TahitiTourism and on Pinterest at Tahiti Tourisme North America.http://www.tahititourism.com/

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