Te Va’a Tahiti

| May 10, 2012 | 0 Comments
te vaa
Toulon, France
Team Name:
Te Va’a Vahine | Team Te Va’a A | Team Te Va’a B
Competing in:
Womens Open | Mens Open Division

Te Va’a is a company supplying V1 and V3 canoes, paddlewear, paddles and accessories to paddlers across Europe. They are sponsoring crews to the Liberty Challenge paddling under the name of Te Va’a composed of paddlers from various clubs from the south of France. The individuals making up Te Va’a A mens team consistently rank within the top ten V1 paddlers in France. The women’s team Te Va’a Vahine are the French V6 Champions of 2010 and Te Va’a B mens team include champion paddlers of Te Va’a Italia. For all of them, this will be their first race outside of Europe and all are excited to make their international debut.


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