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The teams of the 2008 Liberty World Outrigger Competition represent some of the most accomplished clubs from across the globe. Men and women from many diverse backgrounds will meet in New York City on Saturday, June 28, 2008 to share one common goal: to be the fastest outrigger crew to paddle around the Statue of Liberty.

(Teams listed in order of receipt of registration)

Manu’iwa Outrigger Canoe Club

Manu’iwa Logo Hometown: Milford, Connecticut
Club Established:
Visit Manu’iwa Outrigger Canoe Club Website
Team Name: Manu’iwa
Competing in: Womens Masters, Womens Open, Mens Senior Masters, Mens Masters and Mens Open Divisions

Philadelphia Outrigger Canoe Club

No Logo Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Club Established: 2003
Visit Philadelphia Outrigger Canoe Club Website
Team Name: Philly
Competing in: Womens Open and Mixed Open Division

Kent Island Outrigger Canoe Club

Kent Island Outrigger Canoe Club Hometown: Chester, Maryland
Club Established: 1997
Visit Kent Island Outrigger Canoe Club Website
Team Name: Kent Island
Competing in: Mens Open Division
KIOCC’s philosophy focuses on perpetuating the Hawaiian culture and spirit through outrigger canoeing. We work hard to combine an appreciation for family, nature, community, and competitiveness while having tons of fun.

Fairport Aquatic Club

Fairport Aquatic Club Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Club Established: 2002
Visit Fairport Aquatic Club Website
Team Name: Toronto-Fairport
Competing in: Womens Open, Mens Open Division
Fairport Aquatic Club is a non-profit outrigger paddling club based in Pickering, Ontario. We paddle out of Frenchman’s Bay, a small Lake Ontario bay. The club was started in 2002 by a group of friends who love paddling. Our paddling backgrounds are varied. Some of us started paddling young. Some started later, in their 20s, some even in their 30s. Some were Canadian champions, some were World champions, some hardly ever competed. We all have one thing in common and that is our love for the water and paddling.

Namolokama O’ Hanalei Canoe Club

Namolokama Hometown: Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii
Club Established: 2003
Team Name: Namolokama
Competing in: Womens Open, Mens Open and Mixed Open Divisions
Our club was founded with the vision to promote and teach the ancient and continuing art of outrigger canoe paddling. Named after the central mountain backdrop and waterfall of Hanalei valley, the name means “like tightly braided hair” which is the essence of what our club is about. We are pulled together by the spirit of the canoe. A canoe is blind to color and race, it teaches us to be the same, to blend together, pull together. No prejudice… everyone gets a seat, a paddle and we all pull at the same time.

Team Arizona Outrigger Canoe Club

Team Arizona Hometown: Tempe, Arizona
Club Established: 2004
Team Name: Team Arizona
Competing in: Mixed Open Division
Head Coach and Club Founder Allen Abad started Team Arizona Outrigger Canoe Club (TAZ) in 2004 and currently has 50+ members including an additional 30 in the keiki club. TAZ is active in volunteering in the community with the Boy Scouts, the Ironman Triathlon, the Aloha Festival, and various City of Tempe events.

Kaiola Canoe Club

Kaiola Canoe Club Hometown: Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii
Club Established: 1985
Visit Kaiola Canoe Club Website
Team Name: Kaiola
Competing in: Mixed Open Division
Established in 1985, KAIOLA is the premier canoe club in Kauai. Members include Men’s and Women’s open through Grand Master programs. From beginners to experienced paddlers, KAIOLA Canoe Club Welcomes all.

Nantucket Outrigger

Nantucket Outrigger Hometown: Nantucket, Massachusetts
Club Established: 2001
Visit Nantucket Outrigger Website
Team Name: Ackatack1 and Ackatack2
Competing in: Men’s Open and Mixed Open Divisions
Started by Teryl Chapel in 2001, Nantucket Community Outrigger, is a community oriented paddling club open to all who wish to experience this Polynesian tradition and nurture an appreciation of our ocean environment.

Niumalu Canoe Club

Niumalu Canoe Club Hometown: Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii
Club Established: 1996
Visit Niumalu Canoe Club Website
Team Name: Na Makuahine O’ Kaua’i
Competing in: Womens Senior Masters Divisions
Niumalu Canoe Club was founded by Peter and Teo Chow as a vehicle to perpetuate the culture of Hawaiian canoe paddling on Kauai. Paddling is a tradition in the Chow family which they eagerly share with any and all paddlers committed to learning and living the life of an outrigger canoe paddler. Niumalu is open to men, women and keiki who wish to challenge themselves mind, body and spirit.

Royal Outrigger Club

Royal Outrigger Hometown: Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey
Club Established: 1987
Team Name: Rolling ROC and ROC On
Competing in: Mixed Open Division
Royal Canoe Club first entered an outrigger race in 1987 – when members participated in the Molokai Hoe Outrigger Canoe Race. We made our first canoe in 1988 – a Malia from a boat brought over to the UK by Toots Mindeville and now also have a 1990 from New Zealand. The club has competed in Liberty in 2002, 2003 and 2005. All of this year’s team members are more commonly seen competing in national and international dragon boat events, and for all but 2 this is their first ever outrigger competition.

Pacific Reach Paddling Club

Pacific Reach Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
Club Established: 2001
Team Name: PR Masters and PR Surgers
Competing in: Mixed Open Division
Pacific Reach transitioned from a Competitive Dragon Boat Crew into a multi discipline Outrigger Club located at Kitsilano Yacht Club. We are sponsored by Fitness World, Canada. Our crews have raced Internationally in Outrigger and World Club Crew venues in Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Brazil, Hawaii and are looking forward to New York ! Come visit us for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

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